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New Yo La Tengo Album Next Year With Tortoise's John McEntire

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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September 10, 2012

The New Yo La Tengo album that's due next year looks like it might have taken a wide expanse of influences, plus the collaboration of Tortoise's John McEntire as the producer. It will the first full length follow up to Popular Songs in 2009 and will arrive after their anticipated EP/ 12  "Stupid Things," which be released on Sept. 25. Matador Records says that this will be a song that's also included on the new album, albeit a different version: collectors unite -- Yo La Tengo singles w/ alternate takes.

Yo La Tengo seems to be on a vibe of pushing themselves to develop songs that change over time. James McNew told the Philadelphia Enquirer over the weekend that "We'll make a record, and I'll never hear it, I'll never listen to it again," says McNew. "The songs take on a life of us playing them. I'll never think about how hard we worked to get a recording to exactly where we wanted it, to the point at which we put it away and it's finished, we put it on a record. In one way, we forget about it, and we let the songs grow and change with us as we grow and change."

So it stands to reason whatever recordings will be released in 2013 have already started to morph into different songs when the band plays live. McNew added "I don't really think we feel like, 'I'm going to kill myself if we don't do something different. Actually, I take that back: I think we would feel that way. We've never played the same set twice. We just make up a set list right before we go out on stage, and they're all written by hand. I see bands print out their set lists on computer paper and just play the same set every night. None of us would be happy doing that." There's a few shows scheduled for this Fall, check the band out with the possibility of hearing some of the new material.

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