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Sam Prekop Talks on Innovation with The Sea and Cake, Listen to A Demo of 'A Mere'  

Sam Prekop Talks on Innovation with The Sea and Cake, Listen to A Demo

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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September 18, 2012

The Sea and Cake have just released a new demo version of the song "A Mere," off of their new album Runner. Listen to the track below, it shows The Sea and Cake in a new phase of creation around how they develop songs, with Prekop working out the songs before handing them over to band members to reimagine how it would sound and play out.


"Normally I would ignore past efforts when writing something new, but this felt different, The Moonlight Butterfly was ripe for expansion. Keeping the butterfly in mind focused a direction and provided a good jumping off point. Between The Moonlight Butterfly and Runner, I wrote and recorded a soundtrack for a film called Pavilion. It was absolutely wonderful for a while not to know what I was doing, but working still, scrambling with purpose. I truly felt free to try almost anything," said Sam about the process.

"The Sea and Cake worked remotely for quite a while on Runner. As a result, what the band brought was more reactionary, impulsive, since the foundation was already there. The pieces seemed able to absorb a new kind of risk taking. It was fascinating to hand over almost complete works and have the other members of the band have at it, rip up, reconfigure, reconsider. Just when I felt I couldn't go further on a song, someone in the band would change it forever."

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