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Listen to Twilight Sad - “Nil” (Liars Remix)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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September 19, 2012

Straight from the Twilight Sad remix album for No One Can Ever Know comes one of the first online singles to surface -- the Liars remix of the song "Nil." No One Can Ever Know was originally produced with Andrew Weatherall, who turned the band onto the analog vibe of vintage synthesizers, with influences like Cabaret Voltaire, Can, Liars, Magazine, Autechre, and Public Image Limited, Factory Records and Cluster‘s Conny Plank. The result was a darker sound, an extension of past Twilight Sad lyrics and music with new influences and a keyboard/programming-driven method of making sounds. “We wanted to be a lot more spontaneous, get outside our comfort zone - not to fall back into repeating what we've done previously," said Andy Macfarlane.

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