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New Myspace Experience Focuses on Music, Playlists And Actually Looks Pretty Good


By: Corey Tate
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September 11, 2012


Myspace is back ... and their getting ready to go live with a revamped Myspace music and entertainment experience soon. It actually looks good, and it should be interesting to see how it turns out. Myspace turned into everyones favorite dog to kick when it was down, but they now have the advantage of creating a new Myspace user experience at a time when music and social networking sites are stuck with their current design that's been in use (Spacelab included).

So check out the video above, it shows a clean layout with lots of white space. They are using a news layout close to what the LinkedIn tablet app uses, a rolling multipage design with multiple posts on a page. Google+ is similiar in some ways. Photos are similar to Google images, "Songs" looks like a place for Myspace playlists but doubles down with a nice linear rolling track view at the bottom of the page. The Myspace search breaks items out into grouped columns of categories. All in all, it looks like Myspace chose the best of what they liked of everyone else, added their own ideas and created a whole new thing.

Although music seems to be a big focus, They're also sticking with other things they've done in the past, like TV and movies, events and the entertainment world in general. Myspace embarked on a redesign in 2008 and 2010 with a bigger rollout before getting sold to Specific Media in the Summer of 2010.

We all tend to forget the Myspace still gets a ton of traffic, and has even reported in January adding a million new users. They're also working on a Myspace TV with Panasonic, something that still seems underwraps but will try to compete with what Apple TV, Google TV, Tivo and the whole rest of the world is rushing to create in the next great frontier of the Internet: the living room experience.

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