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Xbox Music Player Release Date Looks Like End of October

Xbox Music Player Release Date Is Tomorrow


By: Corey Tate
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October 15, 2012

So this Xbox Music thing seems to be really happening ... anybody using one will have access to a new streaming music service being rolled out by Microsoft on its release date tomorrow, with it replacing the Zune Music Pass ... we'll have to wait and see how current users get grandfathered in, if at all. The Xbox Music service should have integration with the new Microsoft SkyDrive, which is MS' big foray into the cloud, albeit late to the party. This should be inline with the big Windows 8 launch, and Xbox Music is likely to be offered to anyone using Windows Phone, Windows 8, or Xbox 360.

We originally found out about this back in February as more of a rumor than news, as Microsoft was supposedly in talks with the major records labels about licensing. Microsoft later spoke briefly about over the Summer at the E3 Gaming Conference.

The Xbox Music player should allow Microsoft to offer services similar to Spotify and enter the music thing as a must-have service rather than a bleeding-edge option. Prices are estimated to be around $10 a month and $100 a year. No word yet an Xbox Music apps or whether standalone apps will be offered or whether it will be an open platform for development like Spotify or Android.

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