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Glastonbury Festival Is Launching New Shangri-La Theme and Revamp in 2013

Glastonbury Festival Is Launching New Shangri-La Theme and Revamp in 2013

By: Spacelab Research Staff
October 18, 2012

The famous Glastonbury Festival Shangri-La area is going through a new creative spark, killing off most of the old story line and working through a new theme that will happen over the next four years. Gone is the old, dystopian, Bladerunner-like theme, and what Shangri-La creative director Debs Armstrong is moving on to what she calls “The Afterlife Series.” This builds on the previous them will be a whole new era, one in which she says she’ll open the theme up to input from the audience to help shape it up. As for her description of The Afterlife Series.

“The afterlife has all kinds of interesting places it can go. Anywhere in fact, the afterlife is our oyster and there are literally no limits to what it can be. There is however, a classic place to start; Heaven, Hell and Purgatory are concepts deeply embedded in the collective consciousness of our Glastonbury audience and is also a fantastic wealth of inspiration,” she said on the Shangi-La blog dedicated to it’s development which you can follow and track over time.

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