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Dig This: New YouTube InVideo Promotion Feature Lets You Promote Your Videos

Dig This: New YouTube InVideo Promotion Feature Lets You Promote Your Videos


By: Corey Tate
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October 27, 2012

Indie bands and movie directors should check this out ... YouTube just launched a cool new way to feature a link to your latest masterpiece in all of your old YouTube videos and audio streams, and it's called YouTube InVideo promotion. Google let the word fly on it via the YouTube Creators blog this week.

Here's how it works: YouTube InVideo promotion is just like it sounds -- you can promote things in all of the videos in your library, and effortlessly provide a link to something dynamically. Consider it a way to drop word on something new in all of your old content. It lets you create hotspots with links the video (or anything with a web address) using an image or text.

For example ... if you're in a band, and you have a few years worth of videos and audio streams on your YouTube channel, and you release a brand new music video. YouTube InVideo promotion will let you drop a promo on a layer on top of your videos, pointing them out to your brand new video. So if someone stumbles across an old video through a YouTube search or on a music blog, you'll be letting them know about your new video. They can click on the link and jump to the new YouTube video.

To get started, go to your YouTube channel, and hit up your YouTube Channel settings in the left column. For the hardcore who use Google Analytics, it will be added to that soon so you can track where users come from.

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