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Watch Bob Mould on Conan O'Brien - “Keep Believing” (video)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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October 30, 2012

Bob Mould played Conan O'Brien last night to perform the song "Keep Believing," off of his new album Silver Age. Singing and playing at a high level, the trio recall both Sugar and Husker Du in their attack and blazingly vibrant pop sound, but they have the knowledge of years of rocking behind them to know when to lay back and when to lean in. This is a muscular set of songs where the electric guitar is king. Check out Conan O'Brien when the song is over, he's quick to pick up on this vibe when he says "Try harder next time!" Bob Mould never goes part way, or all the way, he goes beyond.

As usual with Mould, the lyrics are the last piece of the musical whole to come into focus. His bellow to croon vocals (dig the pipes on "Keep Believing") are buried in the firestorm of riffage and it takes several listens to parse out lyric meanings (I'm still working on it actually, but who cares 'cause the power of the tunes is all ya need to get behind on this album.) Check out more about Bob Mould with a full review of the album Silver Age, or watch the video for the song “The Descent.” If you still want more after that, try his performance at the Noise Pop Music Festival this year.

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