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Check Out The Flying Lotus Live Show Projections: Layer 3

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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October 31, 2012
Check out what you can see in the new Flying Lotus live show ... he's calling it "Layer 3" and it's the concept of a three-dimensional projection that syncs with the music. It's all for the shows that go with the new Flying Lotus album Until The Quiet Comes. The video arrives via Red Bull Music Academy, who said "Our new mini-documentary peeks behind the scenes of Flying Lotus’s new live audiovisual extravaganza, Layer 3 – which the Academy was proud to assist with developing in support of the Until The Quiet Comes tour. Made with the help of visual artists Strangeloop and Timeboy, the trio have devised a method of transporting FlyLo into outer dimensions using two transparent scrims and interactive front and rear projectors, conjuring nothing short of the acid-fried Space Odyssey "Stargate" scene."

Drawing inspiration from unconventional instrumentation such as African percussion and oriental styled melodies, Until the Quiet Comes is a profound maturation from Cosmogramma. While it still retains Flying Lotus’ electronic jazz staple, the album ventures into atypical, otherworldly concepts that somehow remain memorable and relevant. It explores the hidden chasms of the foreign subconscious with it’s soothing synths, dulcet keystrokes, and soaring harmonization.

Until The Quiet Comes is the follow up his classic album Cosmogramma from 2010. The LA-based producer is in prime form on Until The Quiet Comes, he's already released a video for the song "Putty Boy Strut" and the album represents a transition from the deep bass orchestration of the previous album into something that moves more in "a direction that makes intellectual leaps without forsaking the all-important heft of a bassline or unimpeded 'swing' of a drum beat," according to his recording label Warp Records.

Also check out the “Until The Quiet Comes” short film by Kahlil Joseph.

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