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REVIEW: Ceremony - “Everything Burns”

REVIEW: Ceremony - “Everything Burns”

By: Jeff Daily
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October 3, 2012

Ceremony is a band that recalls the thrash and bash of Mission of Burma at their most aggressive as well as the earliest "emo" bands before that (shit term) gained widespread usage (think At the Drive In). The group is back with a new, limited edition 7" split single w/Titus Andronicus (Matador). Ceremony's tune is called "Everything Burns" and how accurate a title.

MP3: Ceremony - "Everything Burns"

The jam is spiky guitar jabs, firecracker drums pushing fast-forward, and the vocals strain with indignation. Nostalgia for angst guitar-rock? This song is for you. Remember this is an election year so if you aint pissed off...you should be...Ceremony have flung their less than two minute molotov into the air and I dare you to deny the vibe.

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