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REVIEW: Total Control - Scene From A Marriage

By: Jeff Daily
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October 8, 2012
Australia's Total Control have a new single out now via Sub Pop called "Scene from a Marriage." Shambling acoustic strums open the tune, setting up a rustic (folky) impression, but that is all misdirection. Electric guitars and full band "alternative" volume crashes the scene. The rocker is very S.Youth if ya get my drift. It definitely sounds like the late 80s to me and it has nothing to do with Ingmar Bergman...

The guitars sound great, but it's all a little hollow as listening experiences go. The singer's words don't add up to much of a "scene" - more an attitude. I like the band's performance enough to say, "yeah, this is an average rock song - no more, no less." Hopefully, there's more to the band than this because they have a quality sound, but one I've heard many times before.

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