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REVIEW: Police Teeth - Police Teeth

REVIEW: Police Teeth - Police Teeth

By: Jeff Daily
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October 16, 2012
Wail bloody throat and beat the shit outta yer gee-tar son, it's the 21st century! Seattle's Police Teeth, a trio of sweat and distortion, have a new self-titled album out that I want to like more than I do. The guys in the band clearly put their collective cojones into aggressive Mission of Burmaesque "indie" rock, but about half way through the album I started looking around, thinking to myself, "What else could I be doing? Isn't it time I queue up Nude for Satan on Netflix?"

"My V-4 Weighs a Ton" and "Gifts, Knives, Adult Movies" are two of the better rip roaring jams on this record that fall somewhere between alright anthems and "meh." A lot of the time I'm just annoyed with the titles of these songs. They veer too much toward hip smirkness for my liking, but at least the band sound great performing them. I've heard this style of music many times before however. There's no way a band can play music all that original these days, so to criticize a band for sounding just like so-and-so is unfair and lazy...mark me as unfair and lazy then 'cause Police Teeth are still too beholden to their favorite bands to write anything that doesn't sound like some post-punk 80s "indie" clone. Sorry.

Police Teeth are skilled, but for all the anthemic bluster in these songs, I don't feel much as a listener or even feel like listening a second time. This is an album meant to get the band on the road and on stage, so let's look forward to more focus in the studio next time around. To end on a positive note: if Police Teeth were opening for a band I really loved, I wouldn't necessarily be disappointed.

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