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REVIEW: Outer Minds - "We Are All Stone"

By: Jeff Daily
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October 23, 2012
60s revivalism, tripping the acid flashback electric guitar jangle never seems to go out of style. Why? Is it the hippie-free love high times nostalgia that just refuses to die a peaceful death? Meh, I don't really care...Outer Minds have a sound that recalls the Byrds and the Mothers of Invention between '66-67, without touching the creativity of either of those groups. "We Are All Stone" is a pleasant psych-jangle rock song. I found myself humming the damn guitar riff after just one listen, so even though I didn't like the song, it stayed with me.

The song is from the Outer Minds' Behind the Mirror album (FDH Records) and the label promises the LP contains, "deeper and darker...voodoo psych pop," so fans of this sorta stuff might wanna try it on for size. I'll be twirling barefoot, wearing the smelly ass poncho until sun rise - so leave me be.

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