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Stream This: New Rhapsody Replay Feature Recommends Music Based on What You Listen to at a Given Time of Day

Stream This: New Rhapsody Replay Feature Recommends Music Based on What You Listen to at a Given Time of Day


By: Corey Tate
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November 8, 2012

The new feature included in the latest Android release of the Rhapsody streaming music service clocks your music listening habits in more ways than one -- It's called Rhapsody Replay and it actually observes what kind of music you listen to at any given time of the day, then makes recomendations to you based on what you like at that time. It's also an Android-exclusive option.

Consider it an additional level of sophistication, Rhapsody Replay recommends not just the music you like, but avoids get-up-and-jump jams in the morning if you prefer to ease into the morning commute with something chill, or avoids the chilled out downtempo beats if you prefer something slammin' with your morning dose of supercharged coffee.

The idea for this came from Rhapsody being one of the longest-standing streaming music services around, and the data wisdom they've gleaned from users over the years. "With over 10 years experience and an exclusive focus on listener needs, we have an intense understanding of when, where and how customers want to consume their music," said Paul Springer, head of Rhapsody's product and design department in an interview. He went on to say "We took customer feedback, focus groups and a decade worth of usage data to develop Rhapsody Replay."

He added "We look for listening patterns for an individual based on albums, artists, songs, playlists and radio stations to deliver familiar music based on the day and time of listening."

As far as ease of use, the Replay feature is seamless and easy to use, you just punch it up on the Android player. Again, from Paul: "A home screen module will appear at the top of the player once we've observed enough of your listening patterns to resurface the music we think you are most likely interested in listening to again. Then, users get one click access to Replay recommendations."

In an unconventional choice, Rhapsody Replay is being released only on the Android platform. There are no plans at this point offer an iOS version for iPhone / iPad users or on other platforms.

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