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Google Changes Up YouTube Channels Approach, Find Out How

Google Changes Up YouTube Channels Approach, Find Out How


By: Corey Tate
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November 12, 2012

YouTube is revamping some of its YouTube Channels, cutting support for some and adding funding for a bunch of new channels. Google started out with a wide variety and found that some types worked while others didn't: namely celebrities were flat and had a poor response, while music, sports and comedy were big hits. The result? Slash and burn, baby, and fund new YouTube channels based on what worked, while cutting support for the YouTube channels that weren't working. Successful channels will continue on with support from Google.

"Our biggest objective was to kick-start the ecosystem, to bring in great creators, to deepen our relationships with advertisers and to grow viewer ship," states Global Head of Content Strategy Jamie Byrne.

According to Advertising Age, one big strategy worked: stay dedicated to your audience to build and grow. The YouTube channels that just blindly posted videos without engagement didn't do well. YouTube Channels led to a bigger and better YouTube video experience that tied in the Google+ social network and improved YouTube channel search with customizable channels. The result was a Google circular ecosystem, with cues from Apple on how to do that.

Popular YouTube channels are on the left side of the page and recommended videos on the right. You can link your Google+ or Facebook profile in the left column and keep tabs on what your peeps are watching, to receive recommendations on new YouTube videos. "Trending" and "Popular" channels allow you to see what's going viral and what's just emerging. It's all about video discovery and findability, which can be challenging in a world full of digital noise and clutter. The YouTube blog laid the idea out when it launched by saying "Today we're launching an improved Channel design focused on what matters most: helping users find great videos."

You can subscribe to YouTube channels directly from any YouTube video that you’re watching. In an effort to tie in to the Google+ social network, you can access YouTube videos with a YouTube icon at the top of the Google+ page, create a YouTube playlist and put it on your Google+ profile. People can then find your YouTube videos via the Google+ Circles feature.

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