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Jamie Lidell Cranks the Bass and Goes Freestyle On New Album Due Out Next Year

Jamie Lidell Cranks the Bass and Goes Freestyle On New Album Due Out Next Year

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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November 19, 2012

Jamie Lidell is bringing his brand of funk-electronic innovation to a new self-titled release next year, due out on Feb. 18/19 on Warp Records. The man-machine will style and define the new funk prophecy with fresh sounds from his new home studio. “I referenced a lot of the analogue synth tones of the records I really love. The question isn’t electronic music or not, it’s what are you trying to say with the electronics you choose,” he said about the new music.

He's in Nashville now, after stints in Berlin and New York. Anybody want to place bets on when the Third Man Records appearance or Jack White collaboration happens?

“Having the space to set up my own studio for the first time in years was a big deal. Like, I didn’t have a studio in New York. It was all crammed into a tiny room and I had to apologise to the fucking neighbour all the time. When we got to Nashville I was nervous to turn it up to start with, but when I did everything just expanded,” he said when speaking to Clash Music.

Check out an advance single with the song "What A Shame" above. It has this sub-rhythm overdrive backdrop to it, a combination of bass, synths and rhythms that will get you reaching for the volume and cranking the bass depth. Warp Records says that it's "eleven tracks further proving his ability to upend expectations of the ways man and machine can make music together." The new Jamie Lidell album will be his fifth full-length album and the follow-up to Compass in 2010.


01 I’m Selfish
02 Big Love
03 What A Shame
04 Do Yourself a Faver
05 You Naked
06 why_ya_why
07 Blaming Something
08 You Know My Name
09 So Cold
10 Don’t You Love Me
11 In Your Mind

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