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Listen to Sunglasses - “Cold Shoulder” (MP3)


By: Corey Tate
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November 28, 2012


There's an almost 60's California pop vibe here, Panda Bear influence mixed through the Mush Records haze before being filtered into and end product. I'm not sure how Mush Records does it, but there is a genuine MR sonic aesthetic that seems to happen with each of its acts. Bands and musicians and producers with different backgrounds that aren't even connected ... and there's a Mush Records thing happening here.

That said, Sunglasses take that 60's pop and Mush Records sound and bring in an indie rock and indie pop influence to keep it safely out of the 60's dustbin. Throw in the experimentation of singer/instrument guy Samuel Cooper and DJ come sound designer Brady Keehn and it's a Sunglasses song. If you're not singing along by the final triumphant chorus you're not even trying.

"Cold Shoulder" is taken from the album Wildlife, the band's debut on Mush Records, which is out now.

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