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Watch How to destroy angels_ - “Ice Age” (video)


By: Corey Tate
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November 28, 2012


"Ice Age" is the second installment from the How to destroy angels_ EP An omen_, which was released last week. Directed by John Hillcoat, the video portrays the eerie-yet-smooth How to destroy angels_ vibe in a dark room with Mariqueen Maandig singing and acting haunting-yet-beautiful, while Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Rob Sheridan play out the music in a detached-yet-I'm so into the music vibe. This is THE How to destroy angels_ aesthetic - a pushing and pulling of opposing forces. Are they a pop band? Goth? Post-NIN industrial? They're all of these.

Last month, How to destroy angels_ released the song “Keep It Together,” plus then a Dave Sitek remix of the song. Sitek is of course a member of TV On the Radio and founder of his own recording label Federal Prism. He launches into a lively remix in this, full of bleeps and a nice build-up that chops up the sound in the final seconds, building the tension nicely until it drops out to nothing at the end.

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Big Data:
Directed by: John Hillcoat

Mariqueen Maandig
Trent Reznor
Atticus Ross
Rob Sheridan

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