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New Music From Low: The Invisible Way - It's a War-Love-War Thing

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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November 28, 2012

New music is coming from Low, with the album The Invisible Way on Sub Pop Records on Mar. 18/19. Here's what's on tap for the new album: Mimi Parker sings lead vocals on five of the songs, and the album overall hits up big, heady issues like class warfare, intimacy, big war-type wars, love, the war on drugs .... oh and archeology. There was a good love-war-love thing going until they threw in archaeology, but I guess every album needs a curveball.

Low worked with Jeff Tweedy as producer and Tom Schick as engineer, hammering it out at Wilco's studio in Chicago, The Loft. Alan Sparhawk was sold on the idea when the band hit Wilco up on an invitation to check out the studio when passing through Chicago.

"While driving through Chicago on tour, we finally stopped to visit Wilco at their studio, The Loft. They had invited us to come check it out several times over the years, but this would finally be the day...What really converted us was hearing the new Mavis Staples tracks they were working on - big, simple, raw and intimate. Plans were made then and there."

But it gets better for the Low fanatic, as the band is releasing Low - Plays Nice Places, a six song EP from their tour earlier this year with Ben Gibbard, which you can download below:

Big Data:
Artist: Low
Recording Label: Sub Pop Records

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