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Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Film Experiment Is Getting A Theater and DVD Release  

Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Film Experiment Is Getting A Theater and DVD Release


By: Corey Tate
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December 10, 2012


At long last ... post-rock gods Sigur Ros are taking all of their one-off video releases with the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment and compiling them into one complete DVD. This is a phenomenon we've all seen over the past couple of years -- iterative releases of songs or videos before releasing them all into one handy collectors package. These are the good times.

So now Sigur Ros will release the entire thing, called The Valtari Mystery Film Experiment as a download package via iTunes on Feb. 5 and on a DVD for the old school die-hards on Mar. 5. I refuse to call this the industry term "digital download" because what kind of download isn't digital?! If you want the group theater vibe, you can catch the buzz in a run through theaters in 2013, and Sigur Ros has a listing of participating theaters here, this time they're getting creative and focusing on smaller, independent theaters as well as beyond with the showings in clubs, hardware stores and more. The world has changed so much in the past 10 years ...

"the program will screen on all seven continents (yes, including antarctica). venues will include cinemas, cinema-like spaces, rock clubs, hardware stores, hairdresser salons, and beyond. with the band's live film inni, large venues were particularly pursued, but this time, smaller, more avant-garde film-type spaces are sought out, though there will be many exceptions," reads the bands announcement.

For more videos from the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, check out any of these: “Varðeldur” , “Ég anda 1,” “Ég anda 2,” “Fjögur píanó,”, “Rembihnútur.”and “Varúð” and “Vardeldur.”


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Artist: Sigur Ros
Recording Label: XL Recordings

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