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The Top 12 of '12: 12 Albums That Were Better Than "Wrecking Ball"  

The Top 12 of '12: 12 Albums That Were Better Than "Wrecking Ball"

By: Jeff Daily
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December 17, 2012

When I thumbed through the recent issue of Rolling Stone's "Best Albums of the Year" list, I had to laugh; though I like Bruce Springsteen's music (and just as often wanted to like Bruce Springsteen's music), his 2012 album Wrecking Ball was far from the crowning achievement of the year, as Rolling Stone claimed. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't name it near the top of the Boss's own output, but that's a different story. As we all take the opportunity to look back on this year in music, I thought, why not write up a list of albums "better than Wrecking Ball"? So, with that in mind, I present: 12 Albums Better Than Wrecking Ball:

  1. Bob Dylan, Tempest
  2. Fiona Apple, Idler Wheel
  3. Cat Power, Sun
  4. Scott Walker, Bish Bosch
  5. Jack White, Blunderbuss
  6. Neil Young, Psychedelic Pill
  7. Death Grips, The Money Store
  8. Japandroids, Celebration Rock
  9. Van Halen, A Different Kind of Truth
  10. Bob Mould, Silver Age
  11. Leonard Cohen, Old Ideas
  12. Soundgarden, King Animal / Rush, Clockwork Angels

This end of the year list business isn't something I've ever really done before, at least publicly. I enjoy reading through year end lists of course, but know, deep down inside of me, that it is a foolish and useless waste of time...be prepared to utter, "huh?" My list follows an order of my own devising, but is not ranked best-to-worst. It breaks down thusly: Bob Dylan is my personal favorite artist of all-time so his album is an obligatory #1. Spots 2-5 go to some of the most inspired and creatively awesome records of the year, while 6-8 are three albums that surprised me the most this year, and 9-12 represent artists who either reunited (and didn't SUCK) or musicians getting back in the game of doing what they do best (obviously I couldn't decide on #12, so I left it as a tie). Enjoy this admittedly biased recap of the year in music, and for the titles you aren't familiar with listed here (or on any list, for that matter), go have a listen and then make your own year-end list!

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