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Roku VS Apple TV: Roku Adds Spotify and Vevo Channels

Roku VS Apple TV: Roku Adds Spotify and Vevo Channels


By: Corey Tate
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December 28, 2012


For the Roku Nation there are two new items to make your music world better: Spotify and Vevo have been added as Roku channels for your music experience. Spotify's library of 20,000 songs will now be available as a Roku Spotify channel, part of the ongoing expansion of the digital TV / radio / streaming cocktail that's destined to be a major technology story in 2013, playing out in not only the Roku vs. Apple TV saga, but Roku vs. the world. All of the major players are in on this: Roku, Boxee, Hulu, Apple TV. Google TV -- even the getting-ready-to-relaunch Myspace has announced plans for Myspace TV.

You'll also get the addition of Vevo videos, bringing inline a number of music videos and documentaries. Both Spotify and Vevo will require premium membership to their own services to use with Roku, so if you have a Vevo account or Spotify Premium account, you can sync it up through Roku. If you want to try before you buy, go to www.spotify.com/roku to get 30 days for free.

“Spotify wants to make all of the world’s music available for people to enjoy whenever and wherever they are. Spotify’s collaboration with Roku means that our customers now have another convenient way to enjoy the perfect music for every moment on their TVs, which are often connected to the best sound system in their homes,” said Pascal de Mul, global head of hardware partnerships at Spotify.

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