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Watch Flying Lotus - “Tiny Tortures” (video)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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December 3, 2012

The new Flying Lotus video for “Tiny Tortures,” off of the album Until The Quiet Comes. The video was directed by David Lewandowski and features actor Elijah Wood.

"The impetus for this idea was from a director called Jaume Collet-Sera. He was slated to direct a live action version of Akira. I really liked the idea of someone doing all this telekinetic, hallucinatory, visual stuff on a big budget level. And then the project got cancelled. The thought of seeing that all photo-realistic really excited me, and then the project went away so I said I just have to do that kind of animation. So I wrote an idea from that despair of really wanting to see really interconnected, mechanical, psychic floating objects," said Lewandowski.

Spacelab writer Alex Ramirez reviewed the album Until the Quiet Comes and had this to say: "Drawing inspiration from unconventional instrumentation such as African percussion and oriental styled melodies, Until the Quiet Comes is a profound maturation from Cosmogramma. While it still retains Flying Lotus’ electronic jazz staple, the album ventures into atypical, otherworldly concepts that somehow remain memorable and relevant. It explores the hidden chasms of the foreign subconscious with it’s soothing synths, dulcet keystrokes, and soaring harmonization." Check out the full Until the Quiet Comes review.

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Big Data:
Directed by: David Lewandowski

Elijah Wood

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