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Listen to METZ - “Dirty Shirt” (stream)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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December 3, 2012
METZ have released the latest onslaught from their excellent self-titled album, this time with the song "Dirty Shirt." It's like short attention-span theater for your inner noise freak. These guys bring back some of the old school Sub Pop vibes of Mudhoney and Tad, albeit in a more sped-up punk format.

Spacelab writer Jeff Daily reviewed the METZ album and said "Feedback fried amps and sludge bass are everywhere underneath the "No-Wave" shrieking and Steve Albini admiring spike guitar leads. METZ have a familiar sound and maybe we've all been here before, but that doesn't diminish the power of this trio. This is a fast & dirty listen and one that reminds those of us who missed the "grunge" pre-President Clinton, that there is plenty of grime left for the stereo (or earbuds) today." Check out the full METZ album review.

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Big Data:
Artist: METZ
Album: METZ
Song: Dirty Shirt
Recording Label: Sub Pop Records
Media type: Soundcloud Stream

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