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iPad 5 Release Date: Rumors Point to New IGZO Technology for iPad 5

iPad 5 Release Date: Rumors Point to New IGZO Technology for iPad 5


By: Corey Tate
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January 1, 2013


Kicking off the new year with a fresh look at iPad 5 rumors, since it has become one of the main ways to consume music and media today. The first iPad 5 rumors of the year: new IGZO display technology could make the iPad 5 touch screen thinner, more responsive and use less battery power. As for an iPad 5 release date, the current theory rests in the traditional late Winter iPad 5 release date from Apple that has marked previous iPad 5 releases.

iPad 5 Rumors

In a report from DigiTimes, Apple is looking at IGZO display technology from Sharp: "The sources said Apple is in further discussions with Sharp over IGZO panel production capacity estimates for 2013 and is also inquiring about whether AU Optronics' (AUO) L5C line could be used to produce the technology," reads the report in DigiTimes, a well-respected tech blog from Taiwan.

So why would iPad 5 rumors be about this IGZO display technology and what is it? To translate from techno babble to human language, it stands for indium gallium zinc oxide, and the display technology is brighter, thinner and uses less battery power than previous iPad display technology. Win-win-win for anyone using an iPad 5 release, as they tend to suck battery power like you wouldn't believe. A brighter screen  is always good also, as screen intensity has always been a selling point in iPad features. IGZO was originally thought to be used in the iPad Mini (and it's still possible for future releases) when reports came out last year about the possible inclusion based on supply chain plants retooling to meet this feature.

The DigiTimes report also talks of bringing Innolux into the fold, for two reasons: to license the IGZO technology from Sharp and to do production, since Innolux not only makes panels of its own, "Innolux also provides an integrated product supply chain." DigitTimes reports: "Innolux Corporation (formerly Chimei Innolux, or CMI) has reportedly been licensed by Sharp to use Sharp's IGZO technology on its 3G and 5G lines, which could mean that Innolux may enter Apple's supply chain in the future, added the sources." So Apple could be looking to expand supply chain capabilities for 2013 since we all know they just can't crank these things out fast enough.

iPad 5 Release Date

The current target is a safe guess: late winter possibly early March for the iPad 5 release date. This is predictable based on past iPad releases, but also gets cred from Inquistir, 9to5Mac and and CNET. They all make the safe predictions of "thinner, lighter, faster;" which is obvious because every iPad 5 release is thinner, lighter and faster than its predecessor. The juicy iPad 5 rumors center around what Japanese tech blog Macotakara said (translated) with "According to my inside source, iPad (5th) may be released in March, 2013. Source told that, design of this new iPad will be like iPad mini in detail, and be thinner and lightweight. (The expectation comes to have a small 4mm in height, 17mm in width, depth 2mm)." Macotakara is another well-respected publication, since it doesn't just go around unnamed sources without having a real a ncredible one (and a proven track record). So the iPad 5 release date seems to be on track for 2013 with another new and quick iPad 5 release, the iPad rumors to watch for now are the IGZO display technology, and check back for more updates as we roll through the year.


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