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Skrillex Drops New Leaving EP as Part of OWSLA Subscription Service

Skrillex Drops New Leaving EP as Part of OWSLA Subscription Service


By: Corey Tate
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January 6, 2013


It's 2013 and we continue to see music releases moving beyond the outdated and outmoded traditional album release, and into newer and more creative ideas. We've all heard of the music subscription by now, and Skrillex has doubled down on that idea by starting a subscription for his own recording label OWSLA through the popular service Drip.FM, which he launched at the end of last year. The OWSLA subscription service is called "The Nest," and goes for 12 bucks a month. It includes two free compilations, early access to OWSLA releases (which you get ALL of as part of the subscription and they claim it will be 2-4 per month), remix stems, and discounts on all sorts of items.

Music subscriptions occupy an innovative new way to release music at a time when the entire music industry struggle to leave the thinking of the last century behind. This could be a good medium between artists making a living and fans not overpaying for music that they abandon weeks after buying. The only downside I can imagine is: from a fan standpoint, how many subscriptions can anyone handle? $10 - $15 a month isn't a big deal for one, but think of all the music that you like and how expensive it would be to subscribe to all of it. There's also streaming music sites like Spotify and and Rdio, which offer a more broad library without ownership.

QUESTION: What do you think of music subscriptions, and which ones do you have?

Skrillex is the first to say that he's not out to change the world, just give more direct access to music. "This is not about changing the music industry now, it's about supporting great and forward thinking tools like Drip.fm to connect us on a more personal level. The fact that we have a direct way to give you guys content without any of the red tape that the normal distribution mediums have makes it really easy fun for us and gives us a new platform to be creative and spontaneous," he said.

Skrillex started 2013 off well for OWSLA, offering up his new Leaving EP, which you can listen to below. It's part of The Nest subscription, and the music moves beyond the bombastic *dubstep* category/cursed labeling and into more thoughtful and contemplative minimal techno with the song "The Reason," although bassheads will love the fact that he follows that song up with the infamous "Scary Bolly Dub." This is the Skrillex formula that people know, the one that maximizes bass drop to the extreme: red meat for bass-heavy speakers.

Skrillex - Leaving EP Track List
01 The Reason
02 Scary Bolly Dub
03 Leaving

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