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Watch Death Grips - “Come Up And Get Me” (Music Video)


By: Corey Tate
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January 7, 2013


Welcome to hardcore Monday ... we can hit the ground running with a new video / short film from the infamous Death Grips, for the song "Come Up And Get Me." Whether it's being *dropped* by recording label Epic Records or crazy album covers, Death Grips has the controversy angle covered over the past year, and the video for Come Up And Get Me follows that lead. Over the course of 13 minutes, the black and white footage portrays Death Grips frontman Stefan MC RIDE Burnett in a variety of urban scenes; hotel room scenes and various freak out sessions, most of which are silent. The sound creeps in just after the six minute mark, and the song itself kicks in just before nine minutes.

"Come Up and Get Me" is off the the new Death Grips album No Love, Deep Web; the first in the post-Epic Records era. The song itself has massive driving bass line, pulsing in and out as Stefan Burnett works his way through what seems like exasperated vocals. I can't help but think while watching this that the Death Grips music vehicle is getting played out ... but the video shows some creative muscle.

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Big Data:
Directed by: Zach Hill and Stefan Burnett

Death Grips

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