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REVIEW: The Black Tambourines - Chica EP

REVIEW: The Black Tambourines - Chica EP

By: Jeff Daily
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January 8, 2013

Black Tambourine: twee band from the 80s/early 90s
"Black Tambourine": song from Beck's Guero album

The Black Tambourines: not exactly in the same league as those above...Like a scratched 45 (though pressed in 2012), the young quartet from Cornwall, England have a head-swirling revivalist of an EP titled Chica available now on Loose Recordings and it is G-e-n-e-r-i-c. A blasé fifteen minutes of garage-sleaze and BOOM - the following image pops in my noggin': Antone Newcombe's sweaty poncho hangs suspended in a Mary Jane BO cloud.

After listening to the five songs (of exactly the same formulaic DNA), I cannot recommend this recording. If you don't care at all about quality rock (only about 60s cum 90s Crunge) then this might be for you. If you like the idea of grabbing some drinks and nodding along to a Vox amp fuzz light show, The Black Tambourines might be for you. Yet, if you like hearing the scantest hint of (trying for) (grasping for) expressing something we all haven't been through a million times before, avoid this lil psyche-rock-exercise. (There's even a tune titled "White Album" for the love of feedback!)...

Of course this kind of music can be fun in the right setting, say at a totally F'd house shakedown or at an scenic orgy at a hippie farm...but c'mon...rockin' in the head trip garage is cool and all, but the sounds on this EP have been done to death...sorry BT's, the cover pic is alright..."I mean no harm nor put fault/On anyone that lives in a vault..." - Bob Dylan said that.

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