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Rhapsody Streaming Music Service Prepares To Live Large Across Europe

Rhapsody Streaming Music Service Prepares To Live Large Across Europe


By: Corey Tate
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January 13, 2013

The Rhapsody streaming music service is getting ready to expand globally into 16 new countries, according to a news report in GigaOm this week. Rhapsody bought Napster, so they're already swimming in international waters with Germany and the UK; now they plan to roll Rhapsody's music service into countries to be named later.

I reached out to Rhapsody to find out what the countries were -- I wanted to compare them to Spotify and Deezer to try to gauge their expansion strategy. Rhapsody is keeping their strategy under the radar at this time, but they DID reveal a little more beyond the GigaOm revelations.

Jaimee Minney, senior director of public relations offered ..."We are planning to announce in 16 European countries later this year, but are still finalizing details around geographies and specifics on the timing. Expansion in Europe is a major priority for us, so expect to hear about more geographies and partnerships in the vein what we have announced in the U.S. "

This should help Rhapsody go LARGE over the coming year. In world where everybody's always name-dropping Spotify like it's the only streaming music service out there, Rhapsody has been around longer than the other big players and boasts roughly as many US-based subscriptions as Spotify, at about 1 million. (Check out a list of the Top Paid Music Subscriptions for Streaming Music Sites)

Spotify has 5 million worldwide though, so Rhapsody has its work cut out for it to catch up in other parts of the world.
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