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Slacker Radio Is Expected To Do A Major Overhaul

Slacker Radio Is Expected To Do A Major Overhaul


By: Corey Tate
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January 15, 2013

2013 is looking to be a year of major change in music technology and streaming music sites -- the next one up seems to be Slacker Radio. eMusic just announced a major change with the news that it's dropping its membership requirement. MOG was bought by Beats and is changing its streaming music service to Daisy later this year. Slacker Radio looks like it's next up on that list.

Known for its linear online radio broadcast with a variety of stations, Slacker Radio lacks the interactivity of Spotify and Rdio and missing the content of eMusic or MOG. It looks like they're going to do an overhaul of the Slacker Radio experience, according to an article in SlashGear.

They're calling it a major event, saying "A PR representative for Slacker told us that the company will launch a major overhaul of the radio service in order to better compete with Spotify and other popular music-streaming services. We’re not told about any specifics, so exactly what they’ll be bringing to the new service is still a mystery."

Slacker Radio has added a variety of dedicated stations over the past few years, from artist-branded stations to bringing in news and sports from ESPN, the Olympics and the NCAA. They're no small player with a paid subscriber count of 500 thousand and an even larger base of free users. Stay tuned for updates.

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