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Young Galaxy Are Releasing A New Album: Ultramarine in April

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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January 16, 2013

Electronic pop band Young Galaxy announced a brand new, full-length album called Ultramarine, their first new album since Shapeshifting in 2011 and a promising bunch of new tracks. It will be released on Paper Garden Records on Apr. 23. Check out an advance sample above.

"In being away from home we felt like we could risk more. Take bigger chances. Things we didn't think would work, we tried anyway," said co-founder Catherine McCandless about how they went about the album. They escaped from Montreal and went to Gothenburg, Sweden.

The press release said that "this time five musicians stood in a room with Lissvik, playing their instruments; this time every song was sung by co-founder Catherine McCandless," so chalk up another band ditching the track over track rerecording in favor of playing live in the studio and recording as a live band.

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