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Spacelab Retrograde: Stereolab - "Dots and Loops" (Streaming Music)


By: Corey Tate
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January 17, 2013


*Spacelab Retrograde is a new feature from Spacelab that looks back in time at past releases on Thursday mornings. Look for more of this each Thursday as we roll through 2013.

That classic album where old school indie rock Stereolab met head on with their two other favorite experiments: the gurgling sounds of analogue synthesizers and the new school Chicago jazz workouts that would dominate much of their future albums. And Futuristic it was ... Dots and Loops arrived at the end of the 1990's as the world was on the cusp of massive change. The internet was just taking off as a popular medium and the use of anything electronic in music and art was seen as revolutionary and exciting and new. The whole world was cruising towards the new millenium, and Stereolab was providing the soundtrack for a fast-paced world.

The album's liner notes even proudly proclaimed "tracks recorded directly onto hard disk" -- which seems normal now but was an accomplished feat at the time, given the slowness of computers and the fact that Pro Tools was a name only known by the most orthodox audiophile geeks. The futuristic sounding song title "Parsec" was used to re-introduce the new Volkswagen Beetle, futuristic in its own right. And yet Retro-Futurism is probably the best way to describe the album if it came down to a label. Dots and Loops effortlessly bridged the connection of 60's pop and Krautrock influences that the band developed its sound on with everything the band would incorporate into the future albums.

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Big Data:
Artist: Stereolab
Album: Dots and Loops
Recording Label: Duophonic
Media type: YouTube Stream

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