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Watch Flying Lotus - “Such a Square” (Music Video)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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January 21, 2013

Talk about a cocktail of new music creativity: Flying Lotus, Bob Moog and animator Adam 'lilfuchs' Fuchs in a collaboration to mark the release of a handcrafted analog synthesizer: the Sub Phatty. A Phatty isn't good enough anymore ... now you need to go Sub Phatty. Flying Lotus goes over the top on the music, Adam Fuchs provides the visuals, and the legendary Bob Moog and Moog Music brings the advanced circuitry.

Here's what Moog Music dropped today to describe the Sub Phatty: "The engineers at Moog Music have reimagined the Sub Phatty’s sound engine. The instrument features two variable waveshape oscillators that perform with extreme clarity and accuracy while requiring almost no warm-up time. Users can simply power up, dial in settings, and put their fingers to work on the keys to summon crisp and detailed waveforms with vibrant sound that brims with high-frequency harmonic content, yet stays true to the rich sonic density that has become synonymous with Moog synthesizers."

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Big Data:
Directed by: Adam Fuchs

Flying Lotus
Bob Moog

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