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Listen to Lost Animal - “Lose the Baby” (MP3 Download)

Listen to Lost Animal - “Lose the Baby” (MP3 Download)


By: Corey Tate
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January 22, 2013


The new Lost Animal song "Lose the Baby" is a jangly indie pop kind of thing, from the album Ex Tropical that's due out next week. There's an almost free-flowing, rambling style to the lyrical delivery similar to Kurt Vile or even Randy Newman (back in the day) -- it has a very laid back vibe. This round of music from Lost Animal sees Jarrod Quarrell moving into new directions with sounds and instruments he had always wanted to use but didn't know how to play.

MP3: Lost Animal - “Lose the Baby”

“Before Lost Animal, I'd always wanted to use a broader sonic palette but was limited to what I or other band members could physically play. Especially wanted to use horns and marimba, steel drums too. Having access to any sound you can imagine through a keyboard opens up the possibilities endlessly,” said Jarrod Quarrell.

The album Ex Tropical from Lost Animal will be released on Hardly Art Records on Jan. 29, check out a full album stream:

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