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Mega Goes Live, Kim Dotcom Looks to the Future

Mega Goes Live, Kim Dotcom Looks to the Future


By: Corey Tate
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January 22, 2013


The Kim Dotcom saga continues with the launch of Mega, a cloud drive storage software to upload digital goods so that you can share them with people online. This sort of thing has gotten Kim Dotcom in trouble in the past ... his infamous story in 2012 saw his house raided because of his company Megaupload. A controversial tale (watch him defend it in the Kim Dotcom interview) for sure, it's one of these bleeding edge situations that has yet to be resolved.

Mega is hitting 1 million users right out of the gate, according to Kim Dotcom at a launch event over the weekend. VentureBeat throws in that this is entirely possible since Kim Dotcom and Mega focus on a global audience, not just targeted areas, saying "While Dotcom’s claim can’t necessarily be verified, it seems likely that Mega has gained a ton of users since its Saturday launch, especially since Mega is targeting the international community — not just the U.S. and/or Europe."

Cloud Drive services are also offered by Google Music, the Amazon Cloud Drive, and Apple with iTunes and iCloud integration. This seems to be the immediate future for music ... store it all in the cloud so you can get to it from your mobile phone, tablet, computer, whatever you're in front of at the moment.

Megaupload was used to share music (among various other things) and because of that, it was seen as a direct threat to all things copyright. Kim Dotcom and his partners have set out here to make sure that they're not legally liable for anything that happens with Mega with the sharing of copyrighted material ... which means it's on you, buddy. If you get caught distributing copyrighted music on Mega, you're responsible for your actions and the fuzz or copyright holder will knock on your door, not Dotcom's.

"Even if we wanted to, we can't go into your file and snoop and see what you have in there," Kim Dotcom told Reuters in an interview.

Challenges await Kim Dotcom and the new Mega, as they look for ways to make money through advertising or offering higher level services a la the old Freemium concept of offering a free service with the option to pay for enhancements.

Robert King of StopFileLockers told Enigmax at TorrentFreak that many groups would not process payments for Mega, and he's on a campaign to keep it that way.

“Mega itself does not process payments because nobody would process payments for it. A couple of Mega resellers have PayPal and they are being terminated. It has been widely reported that Paypal requires certain conditions to be met to become an approved file sharing merchant, on the face of it many of these conditions cannot be met by Mega,” he said.

I went through the Mega Cloud Drive service yesterday to check it out after its weekend launch, and found a clean and easy to use service. It was fast and responsive from registration to login. After you get past the front door, you'll arrive at a clean interface of what looks like web-based software.

This sort of thing has been available for a number of years, but it's remarkable how few companies actually embrace the idea of software as a web destination instead of a clunky desktop version that you download and install. And update, and update and update. Web-based software is clean because the people who made it go to the trouble of refining and updating ... so that every time you show up, you're greeted with the latest and greatest. Bonus points for Mega.

It uses a 2048-bit RSA public / private key which translated out of technospeak means that it creates a superstrong key that locks your files. With the new Mega, you can distribute away on any sort of digital goods, and the only ones who will know what you're sharing are you and the people you share 1) the files with and 2) the key that unlocks the files.

UPDATE: Here's the video of the launch event:


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