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Post-Rock Kinski Return With A New Album On Kill Rock Stars + STREAM  

Post-Rock Kinski Return With A New Album On Kill Rock Stars + STREAM

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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January 24, 2013

The return of post-rock experimentalists Kinski happens on Apr. 2nd with their new album Cosy Moments, which arrives on Kill Rock Stars. After 14 years as a band, Kinski has made a lot of turns in their sound -- from proto punk to noise to post-rock and "alternative." This, time though, the band might go slightly more accessible and almost pop. This is their first new album in six years.

"We wanted to make something more direct. That was the kind of music I kept finding myself listening to and that's what we tried to do. I was getting tired of hearing people step on wah pedals and solo over psych rock. There were so many bands doing that, including us. We've always had poppy, song-ish elements but we took them further this time," said songwriter Chris Martin.

There will also be more vocals on Cosy Moments, something not foreign to Kinski, but they are a bound known for energy-laden instrumental workouts.

"While we've always had one or two songs with vocals on past albums, this one seemed to call for more. I wrote a bunch of new songs - even toured with some of them, but we ended up throwing most of them out. And I just kept writing."

Check out the new song "Conflict Free Diamonds" for an example of the new Kinski model: vocals and pop song formatting with the energy and intensity of the band.


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