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Spacelab Weekend: Battles Interview (Streaming Music)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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January 25, 2013

*Spacelab Weekend is a new feature from Spacelab that includes long form video and streaming audio pieces on Friday mornings, as weekend content. Look for more of this each Friday as we roll through 2013.

Emerging from acts like Tomahawk, Helmet and Don Caballero, Battles have taken the music world for a spin as they've continued to break through the confines of electronic music, post rock and experimental music. One of the bands that can truly boast about being unable to be categorized, Battles always keeps us guessing in the best way. Check out the Battles interview set amongst tracks of their music.

01 Hi/Lo - Battles
02 UW - Battles
03 Fantasy - Battles
04 Race In - Battles
05 Leyendecker - Battles
06 Tonto - Battles
07 Rainbow - Battles
08 A Joy (Battles Remix) - Four Tet
09 Sundome feat. Yamantaka Eye - Battles
10 My Machines feat. Gary Numan - Battles
11 Ice Cream feat. Matias Aguayo - Battles
12 Dominican Fade - Battles

Twitter hashtag: #spacelabweekend

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Big Data:
Artist: Flying Lotus
Album: Interviews and Performances
Recording Label: Brainfeeder
Media type: Red Bull Music Academy Audio Embed

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