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Spacelab Retrograde - Tricky - Maxinquaye (Full Album)


By: Corey Tate
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January 31, 2013


That classic first album from Tricky ... redefined music at the time and proved Tricky to be in the master class of making music. He'd come from the School of Massive Attack and split off from the band for creative differences. He found Martina Topley-Bird as a singer and together the two of them made the most incredible music and sounds.

We were emerging from the so-called "alternative" first half of the 1990's and music had grown into the stale reproduction of power-punk-pop delivered a la the tired verse-chorus-verse method. Maxinquaye went way out on a limb, and experimented with sounds, rhythms and ideas that were new sounding and fresh. They defied structure and had all sorts of tangents and deviations. The influence and impact is still felt today.

And I STILL want the van on the cover of the album.

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