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Listen to My Bloody Valentine - MBV (Full Album Stream)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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February 3, 2013

At long last, and worth the wait ... the new My Bloody Valentine album, called MBV. It's been literally decades in the making, and it's been launched just as the band heads out on tour. The band has offered all of the tracks up on YouTube, which we've compiled into a playlist here. Hit the "playlist" button on the control bar for the YouTube video to show all of the songs and make selections, or just hit the "next" button.

The band has the album on sale now in download, CD and a highly prized vinyl format, which the band is quick to point makes a big difference for an album like this where fidelity turns the listening experience into something a level above. Find out more and buy it at www.mybloodyvalentine.org.

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