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Flaming Lips Will Live Large in 2013  

Flaming Lips Will Live Large in 2013

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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February 6, 2013

It's the story that won't go away ... first the Flaming Lips are planning the release of a highly stylized album / USB stick release for Valentines Day inside of an anatomically correct chocolate heart. But the bigger emerging news / rumor / Twitter fascination is that the Flaming Lips will release a collaborative album that is a complete working over of The Stone Roses debut album ... to be followed by a number of events.

Psych Explorations of the Future Heart spoke recently on those two items, but added an even bigger scheme for 2013 that also involves "a music video with Bon Iver; a photo exhibit of Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd with football coaching legend Barry Switzer and Thunder star Desmond Mason; 4 CD experimental set Zaireeka reissued on four vinyl for Record Store Day; Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots the cartoon featuring new music; Des McAnuff’s Yoshimi musical possibly opening on Broadway (or at least a touring production and/or cast recording release); side projects and albums for most members of the band; the avant garde film A Year on Wayne’s Phone; several projects celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary this year including an updated version of rockumentary The Fearless Freaks; the re-opening of their weirdo art gallery The Womb (featuring work by Damien Hirst and others); Flaming Lips coffee; and more!"

This is either the most elaborate hoax ever created or insight into a major year for the Lips. They're definitely due ... 2012 was a year of some activity for the Flaming Lips, but as anyone who followed Wayne Coyne on Twitter knows ... they were always in the studio and always up to something.

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