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Listen to Grave Babies - “No Fear” (MP3 Download)

Listen to Grave Babies - “No Fear” (MP3 Download)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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February 7, 2013

Slightly lo-fi and distorted, with a post-Misfits fetish to boot. Grave Babies are a Seattle-based band on Hardly Art, and will release their debut full-length album for the label on Feb. 26. It's called Crusher. And they crushed it.

The press release states that "The title itself—Crusher—is the prefect preface for an album that continues to deliver the bold, heavy, driven, off-pop pop the band is known for, while at the same time, annihilating its former catalogue in a curious way. Many bands mark their evolution with a departure. On Crusher, Grave Babies take what is arguably the harder approach: doing what they’ve always done, but doing it better."

In the meantime, check out two tracks, both MP3s from the album, below. They released the Gothdammit EP in the Spring of last year, check out the MP3 of the song "Nightmare" from that album too.

MP3: Grave Babies - "Over and Under Ground"

MP3: Grave Babies - "No Fear"

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Big Data:
Artist: Grave Babies
Album: Crusher
Song: No Fear
Recording Label: Hardly Art
Media type: MP3

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