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Spacelab Weekend: Photek Interview (Streaming Music)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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February 8, 2013

*Spacelab Weekend is a new feature from Spacelab that includes long form video and streaming audio pieces on Friday mornings, as weekend content. Look for more of this each Friday as we roll through 2013.

Photek waxes nostalgic on how he transitioned from happy hardcore to IDM/drum and bass and the difference between drum and bass and jungle. He talks about the early days of mixtapes and how hard it was find good music on the days before the Internet made it ubiquitous, how songs could exist magically in the middle of a mix without context for years before he could find out who made it. Eventually he made his way into jazz experimentation and movie soundtracks. Check in with him on this interview vignette set amongst his music.

01 Jump MK II - Studio Pressure - Certificate 18
02 Volume 1 - The Truper - Street Beats
03 Something Else... The Bleeps Tune - Special Forces - Photek Productions
04 The Water Margin - Photek - Science
05 The Seven Samurai - Photek - Photek Productions
06 Into The 90s - Photek - Metalheadz
07 U.F.O. - Photek - Photek Productions
08 Astral Travelling - Pharoah Sanders - Impulse!
09 Rings Around Saturn - Photek - Photek Productions
10 KJZ - Photek - Science
11 The Hidden Camera - Photek - Science
12 Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu - Photek - Science
13 Mine To Give - Photek - Science
14 Miracle - Special Forces - Photek Productions
15 The End - Special Forces Photek Productions
16 Slowburn - Photek - Photek Productions

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Big Data:
Artist: Photek
Album: Interviews and Performances
Recording Label: Photek Productions
Media type: Red Bull Music Academy Audio Embed

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