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“Forgive Yr Blood” (MP3 Download)

Listen to Solvents - “Forgive Yr Blood” (MP3 Download)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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February 12, 2013

Solvents' "Forgive Yr Blood" is the perfect blend of indie pop, folk and post punk. The movement back and forth between the violin and vocals happens so effortlessy that you could almost think one was mimicking the other ... Emily Madden's violin "speaking" the vocal parts and Jarrod Bramson's vocals portrayed as if it was an instrument. As they dance their way through "Forgive Yr Blood," set with Bramson's husky sandpaper voice, you get an intertwined effort that moves elegantly along.

"We were trying to force our songs into being 'rock', but they just aren't meant to be played that way. In the wash of loudness, we were losing what I think are the two most important aspects of the music: being able to hear the lyrics and the melodies of the violin," said Jarrod Bramson. They call it folk punk rock ... which is probably a good definition. Check out "Forgive Your Blood" at the link below.

MP3: Solvents - Forgive Yr Blood

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Big Data:
Artist: Solvents
Album: Ghetto Moon
Song: Forgive Yr Blood
Recording Label: Masa Records
Media type: MP3

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