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Daisy Music Service from Beats (ex-MOG) Will Curate The Future of Music


By: Corey Tate
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February 13, 2013


The future of the digital music world looks bright based on words from Jimmy Iovine, Beats founder and longtime music industry member. He's been at the AllThingsD "Dive Into Media" conference and talked to Walt Mossberg about Beats, the up-and-coming transformation of the MOG streaming music service into the new Daisy, and the future of digital music.

He sees the future of streaming music as being about curation, based on what key tastemakers are listening to and recommending. From there, it's about pairing up those music interests with the interest of like-minded listeners. He thinks that algorithms, listening history and social network recommendations fall short because they end up being so random; where like-minded interests can recommend a song based on human insight instead of ones and zeroes guessing at what to deliver.

"There is a sea of music, an ocean of music and absolutely no curation for it. You friends can't curate for you. No one knows what song comes next. Apple knows a lot about your music taste. Google knows a lot, and Facebook. But no one is using it to curate," he said.

His streaming music service Daisy is currently trying to integrate algorithms, social network connections and song history (i.e. past technology) and combine those with curated playlists from people with similar interests, THEN combine all of that with big data they have on your daily habits to recommend music based on where you're at and what you're doing here. This, he says, is the future.

They key insight here is Beats and Daisy anticipating your next move and being there with a playlist in real time to give you a new music experience. He cited anticipating your trip to the gym tomorrow morning for your regular workout, and being there with a recommended playlist for your workout.

"If you have to search, we've failed you," he said. "What people need is easy."

There's no release date yet, which means their ambitions are high and their technology isn't there yet ... but this can be the times when we get big jumps forward in technology, when their reach exceeds their grasp. Until one day when it doesn't exceed their grasp, and we get a great new music experience.

Check out the highlights from the interview in the player above, or watch the full thing here.

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