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Ninja Tune Is Re-Pressing Old Vinyl Lost In Fire Using Beat Delete

Ninja Tune Is Re-Pressing Old Vinyl Lost In Fire Using Beat Delete

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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February 19, 2013

If you dig electronic music like Amon Tobin, Daedelus and Illumsphere, you might be happy to find out that all of the vinyl that was lost in the Sony warehouse fire in 2011 will again be reissued based on demand. The Ninja Tune recording label is using the Beat Delete service to re-press vinyl based on demand. Call it a Kickstarter for vinyl reissues -- if enough people commit to buying a copy of the vinyl, it will be re-pressed and sent out to the people that ordered a copy.

This fixes the age-old problem: if the label re-pressed an album, they would be stuck with copies for years until they sold. This left them ponying up the payment for reissuing at the risk of not recouping the money. Beat Delete fixes that problem.

Ninja Tune offers this up to describe the opportunity:
"This is where Beat Delete comes in. Beat Delete is a kind of specialised Kickstarter, a website for the rescue of potentially lost releases. Customers can pledge to buy a copy of a particular out of stock record. When a set threshold is reached, the record will be re-pressed. Since the beta launch of the site at the start of the year there have been steady orders with one release - King Geedorah's Take Me To Your Leader - 82% funded already."

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