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John Vanderslice Is Releasing Two New Albums on Tiny Telephone

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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February 20, 2013

John Vanderslice is releasing not one but two albums, and has just launched an effort on Kickstarter to get things going. The first album is titled Dagger Beach, and according to his recording label Dead Oceans it's part of a ten month effort of writing and recording. The second album is the complete recreation of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs.

To be clear, Dead Oceans looks at this point to be John's previous recording label, as he might've decided to release the music through his own Tiny Telephone recording label. In his Kickstarter statement he said "Honestly, I'm terrified to put out my own records. For a week after I made the decision, I had intense insomnia and deep regret. Later, I moved to something like terror + incredible excitement. Now, after further reflection, it's clear to me: I was born for this."

Welcome the new excitement in the current digital era: self-release and self-promote, but success or failure is on you, buddy.

Still, it can be exhilarating, ask Amanda Palmer, Radiohead, Seth Godin or any of the others who have moved out of the recording label system / book publishing system to take the helm of their future.

So that leaves Vanderslice with funding, which is what Kickstarter is great for. Check out John's video above, and you can contribute to his project and learn more here.

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