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Big Data: Kickstarter

Big Data: Kickstarter


Crowdfunding site Kickstarter -- the site known for incredible funding capabilities for everything from albums for musicians like Amanda Palmer to film projects for Bob Mould to tech startups -- has released big data on Kickstarter Metrics. The data gets broken down below.

Perhaps the most revolutionary yet controversial thing about Kickstarter is that it's about support and faith of an individual or group that's doing the fundraising. There's no direct "investment" or payoff going on here; other than gifts for contributions the pledge comes with no guarantee of success or a product of any kind. Much like NPR's pledge drives, people commit to causes that seem worthwhile in the hope that they help it to succeed.

“Less a technology site, more a socio-cultural movement, Kickstarter is changing how we make things, how we turn dreams into reality and make ideas come to life. ” Om Malik, publisher of GigaOm
  Film & video, games and design projects rake in the most amount of money, but have more unsuccessfully funded projects than successes in all three categories. Music, theater and dance are the only three categories that have more successes than failures, meaning that most projects on Kickstarter fail to meet their established goal.  
Bjork recently launched and quickly cancelled a Kickstarter campaign to have her Biophilia app reprogrammed for Android, due to low turnout. Kickstarter seems better for the underdog and bootstrapper than for artists with established means.

  Most successful Kickstarter projects have less than $10,000 as a goal, making it good for smaller projects.

GET UP TO GET DOWN   Dance projects are wildly successful, leading with a 70% success rate. It also has the least amount of projects.

NO LOVE FOR DEEP WEB   11% of all Kickstarter projects fail to collect any money at all.

  1 Music 10,342 8,787
  2 Film & Video 8,885 13,663
  3 Art 3,639 6,471
  4 Publishing 2,923 6,471
  5 Theater 2,569 1,440
  6 Games 1,353 2,645
  7 Design 1,193 1,918
  8 Food 1,113 1,721
  9 Photography 988 1,699
  10 Comics 958 1,128
  11 Dance 797 339
  12 Fashion 703 1,861
  13 Technology 570 1,135
All data as of Wednesday 6:45pm EST February 13 2013. Get fresh data here.
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