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Watch The Howling Hex - “Primetown Clown” (Music Video)


By: Corey Tate
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February 27, 2013


The Howling Hex set out with all the energy of a DIY alternative band from the early 1990's. The video for the song “Primetime Clown” is a stop-motion art project and their music is a pastiche of indie rock and alternative. They fit right in with the Drag City sound ... it's amazing how some recording labels have an overriding sound aesthetic, intentional or not. The Howling Hex is the perfect embodiment of Drag City's long and solid history.

It's no surprise then that Howling Hex involve Michael Hagerty of Royal Trux and Pussy Galore fame. His band is creating what he calls the "New Border Sound," a hybrid of alt-90's influence and New Mexico, where the band hails from. The song is from the Howling Hex album The Best of The Howling Hex on Drag City Records.

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