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Listen to Mwahaha - “Swimmer” (Streaming Music)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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February 28, 2013

Check out the chilled out, blissed out song “Swimmer” from Mwahaha. The band includes alumni from Clipd Beaks and Ned, and the psychedelic indie rock band gets Floydian in the photo above with their take on the Ummagumma album cover, replacing the Roman coliseum with a sprawled out, overgrown parking lot in Southern California. It's nice touch with the homage and their music does it justice. They also do a modern spin on that, fusing in an electronic music touch. It's no surprise then both Jel and Odd Nosdam from Anticon Records are lined up for remixes later this year.

Their self-titled album will be released on Plug Research They're playing this weekend at the Noise Pop Music Festival in San Francisco. Check out the Spacelab Festival Guide for more information on music festivals in 2013.

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Big Data:
Artist: Mwahaha
Album: Mwahaha
Song: Swimmer
Recording Label: Plug Research
Media type: Soundcloud

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