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Watch Amanda Palmer at TED Conference: “The Art of Asking” (Music Video)


By: Corey Tate
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March 5, 2013


It seems so obvious that this would end up happening in the aftermath ... Amanda Palmer was at the TED conference this year to do a talk on how she's built her musical career. Her Kickstarter campaign is the culmination of years of creative busking and performance art that came before it. To put it another way: behind every overnight success story there's ten years of hard work that came before it.

She totally wooed and wowed the TED Crowd -- she's the perfect candidate of of-the-moment pseudo celebrity merged with bleeding edge topical creative idea. She merges the ideas of unabashed performance art, music, social networking and independent fundraising while the crowd can't keep from smiling at her earnestness and directness. She even gets a standing ovation.

Check out the original Amanda Palmer Kickstarter video that set the whole thing in motion:


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